General Questions

It is estimated that 60 to 70 percent of all decisions about a patient’s diagnosis, treatment, and hospital admission and discharge are influenced by laboratory test results.

Each medical test has got its own importance and it varies largely across tests and the purpose why a doctor requests for those tests. To view each test with its specific purpose and description of the test, please click here
As a medical laboratory, we cannot recommend you to do supplement medical tests. This is the role of a doctor and we highly recommend you to consult with your doctor prior undertaking medical tests. However, we can assist you by informing you of the “other supplement” tests which is generally recommended by doctors at international level. To view the supplementary tests, please click here
Reliability is the key word which bind customer trust and the laboratory competency. At Biosante, we are indeed proud to mention that we have been awarded with ISO 15189 certification by Mauritas, the sole national accreditation body in Mauritius. This means that our medical results conform to the international standards of Medical results. And to top on this statement, Biosante is the FIRST in Mauritius to have been awarded with this certificate, even prior local clinics/ hospitals in Mauritius. This is a symbol of not only “Reliability”, but also “Quality, Precision and Accuracy”. Please click here to view our ISO certification
It varies with the test you are doing. Usually very few tests like the Diabetes or Cholesterol tests requires customers to be fasting, and most of the others do not really. However, to confirm whether your particular test(s) requires you to be fasting, please click here
The time it takes to process test(s) varies largely. Please click here to view each test individual turnaround time. Please note that urgent cases are treated separately. In that, should you need your medical result earlier, please to call in person at our nearest laboratory and the staff member will be pleased to help you with your urgency.
The specimen type for each test will vary depending on the test. Please click here to view the specimen type for each individual tests. For further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

We have a lengthy procedure and a well-grounded internal quality-controlled protocol to ensure that such case never arise. In that, we invite our customer to personally visit our laboratory and meet with the person in-charge who shall be please to reassure you of our security features.

To have a clear answer to this question, you will be required to call/ email or visit our nearest laboratory where the staff member shall be please to attend to this query of yours because it varies with the test or methodology prescribed by your doctor. However, you would be pleased to note that most of the tests are done locally within our laboratories and that rare medical tests are referred to our partner laboratories in France or South Africa.

It varies with the test you are doing. Usually very few tests like the Diabetes or Cholesterol tests requires customers to be fasting, and most of the others do not really. However, to confirm whether your particular test(s) requires you to be fasting, please click here

It is our strict policy that no results are to be issued to any third party or other that the customer himself/ herself, unless otherwise stated and signed by the customer himself/ herself. Without your authorization, we will not issue your result to anyone.

However, should you wish your result to be issued to a third party, you will be required to sign a statement where you will have to mention the name of the person/ company who will be eligible to collect your result. Thereafter that person will have to provide a proof of identity to collect same

Upon full settlement of payment, you can have access to your result be it by E-mail, Fax or postal service at no additional cost. In fact, we encourage our customer to make use of technology and access their results directly from their E-mail.

However, when it comes to result by telephone, though we do provide this service, yet we try to minimize on this in the best interest of the patient himself/ herself. This is due to the security and uncertainly issues. Through telephone, we have minimum control over the true identity of our customers (which is against our confidentiality policy) and second instance may be that the customer wrongly listens to the value and interprets same otherwise. So, for these results, we discourage customers to take results by phone.

Eventually, in exceptional cases, we can provide results by phone, but only on the registered phone number which the customer provided during sample collection and strictly upon confirmation of his identity and relevant details via phone.

Note: The laboratory reserves the right to issue only partial result(s) by phone for which it deems appropriate to be issued by phone.

We are very careful and sensitive when it comes to the health of our customer. Be it the customer requested for this service or not, whenever this is any critical cases observed, we feel it our duty to immediately notify the customer and refer him/ her to a doctor for treatment purposes.

For this reason, we always encourage our customer to leave the contact detail of a person next in kin, to be contact in emergency cases.

We do provide “Home Bleeding” services to bed ridden or disabled patients who cannot attend the laboratory at a very low displacement fee.

Yes, indeed we have an appointed unit for customer care/ complain handling. Should you feel the need for any query, information or complain, please feel free to call us on 454 9999 (Central & Western regions), 413 5114 (Eastern regions), 283 5114 (Northern regions) or 631 7114 (Southern regions) or simple send us an email on info@biosantelab.com and we shall attend you immediately.

All our phlebotomist are trained professionals, appraised and certified by our Quality Assurance Manager as being competent for blood collection. They are equally trained under ISO 15189, Health & Safety and First Aid cares to offer excellent customer care and health care assistance at all point in time.

Our Medical laboratory technologists are all professionals having completed a minimum bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science from recognized universities both locally and abroad and among the batch toppers and having passed a competency examination, as part of International Organisation for Standardization’s (ISO 15189) requirements that qualifies them to work in all parts of the medical laboratory.

We are present in 40 places throughout the island. Please click here to view our locations
Yes indeed we have got several health packages to propose to our customers who simply wants to undertake a check-up to monitor their health status. Our packages have been customized upon consultation with doctors and includes all the key relevant tests specific to the different functioning of the body parts. Among our most common health packages includes: (a) GENERAL PROFILE (Fasting Blood Sugar, Urea, Uric Acid, Cholesterol Total, Cholesterol HDL & LDL, Triglycerides, Urine Micros & Chemical, AST, ALT, Haemoglobin, White Blood Cells, Red Blood Cells, Platelets Count, ESR), (b) LIVER FUNCTION PROFILE (SGOT, SGPT, Gamma GT, Bilirubin, Alkaline Phosphatases), (c) LIPIDS PROFILE (Cholesterol Total, Triglycerides, Cholesterol HDL & LDL), (d) RENAL FUNCTION PROFILE (Creatinine, Electrolytes, Urea, Bicarbonate), (e) THYROID FUNCTION PROFILE (Free T3, Free T4, TSH (Ultrasensitive). Note: Our profile packages are offered at a very discounted price to enable our Fidel customers to benefit from regular health check-up and we regard it as our CSR activity. For more information about individual tests, please click here or simply call at our nearest branch.
Biosante is an established Medical Laboratory in Mauritius since 1993. It started with its first laboratory in Central Flacq and throughout time today Biosante is recon as the widest chain or medical laboratories present in Mauritius with its 7 main laboratories and more than 30 collection points around the island. To view our individual locations please click here
Yes, we are ISO 15189 accredited. In June 2014, we became the first Medical laboratory in Mauritius to be accredited ISO 15189. Our achievement is an expression of our quality policies, namely Quality, Reliability, Precision, Accuracy, Timely and Confidentiality. Click here to view our ISO certification and Quality policies.
Our Analysers are FDA and/ or CE approved, which means that they conform to European standards and are tested and approved apparatus for international usage. Besides, as part of our quality policy, besides from having established protocol for preventive maintenance, we also on a daily basis perform apparatus quality control checks internally, to ascertain that all samples processed are accurate and reliable. Besides, we are also certified for external quality controls from UK and South Africa, whereby our apparatuses are assessed to check whether they produce quality and accurate results. Please Click here to view details about our analysers.

This question cannot be answered in brief. However, to summarize our point, our laboratory work system are regularized by the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life, our quality results and service is benchmarked by ISO 15189, our apparatus are tested and approved to European standards and are quality assessed by UK & South Africa and our staffs apart from being Biomedical science qualified and batch toppers are also competency assessed vis-à-vis ISO 15189.

Yes, we do perform a large assay of specialized tests like communicable diseases, Hormones, cancer detection and lots more. Basically almost all of these tests are done locally in our laboratories to offer you a quick service at the best price. However, for more specialized tests not done locally in our laboratories, same is send abroad to our partner laboratories in Paris, France or South Africa.

Please to consult with our nearest collection point or email us for individual cases. Our personnel shall be pleased to assist to your queries.

Additional copies of medical results are available to customer ONLY upon personal request with no additional charges. However, same is control by the management to make sure that we do have a control over issuing of result copies and over confidentiality. Besides, it is the responsibility of the customer to keep the copied safe in a place to avoid disclosure to third party.

To be noted that no copy of results would be issued to any third party, unless due written authorization by the customer himself/ herself.

Yes, we do have a secured database to store all our customer records for a minimum of 5 years. Any information beyond 5 years are achieved where same cannot be retrieved prior management approval for security reason. Also to be noted that we operate in a secured network where no third party can have access to our database. Thus our customers’ credentials are safeguarded.

We have our own transport network with several messenger/ drivers who are responsible for the transportation of specimen by Car or Motorcycle across the island at different interval throughout the day. To be noted that all our messenger/ drivers are trained vis-à-vis ISO and health & safety and well equipped to handle any case of hazard.

Results are interpreted to customer, but are eventually advised to see their doctors for treatment in each individual cases.

Confidentiality forms part of our quality policy and we are highly committed towards this ethic and work practice. To ensure that there is no leakage of information or customer details, our first measure of security is that we do not allow access to any unauthorized person in the laboratory technical departments. Secondly, all our personnel, including managers are required to sign and adhere to a confidentiality agreement between the company and the person, where any bridge in contract renders the person liable to legal action. Eventually, to reinforce the confidentiality level, at no point in time is medical result issued to third party prior written authorization by customer himself/ herself.

Yes. The proof of identity is mandatory for a customer to undertake medical test(s). This is very important to ensure our quality policy is respected and for customer security purpose. It is our company policy not to process any sample with proof of identity. For under 18, identity of their parents is required.

Yes. For result collection, customer is required to provide an original identity proof for confidentiality reason. No result shall be issued to customer without identity proof. In case of third party collecting result, written authorization of customer is required, whilst mentioning the identity of the third party who shall collect the result and the third party should present in person with an original identity proof.

Cash, Cheque, Debit & Credit card and Bank Transfers are all accepted. However, to be noted that in our collection point, only cash and cheque is accepted.

Part payment facilities is an added value to our customer service, and we do provide this service to all our customers, provided a minimum of 70% down payment is effected for us to be able to process the samples. The remaining payment may be made at the time result is collected. However, it is advised that customer take their receipt and present same upon clearing amount due.

No. We do not charge VAT on our prices as we form part of the economy’s essential services.

Yes. We work openly with all insurance companies in Mauritius and accept payment from them as well. However, It is your responsibility to verify out-of-network benefit coverage with your insurance carrier prior to testing. Insurance is billed at the full retail price as listed on the test & fee schedule. You are financially responsible for any charges not paid by your insurance company as Biosante does not dispute or appeal denied/unpaid claims.

Yes. Based on the requirement of different cruise agencies, we do have several medical packages customized for cruise candidates. Customers are required to call at our nearest laboratory to have more details about the procedure.

Yes, you can do a general health check-up as per available profiles without doctor’s prescription form. However, we always recommend patients to consult a doctor following their medicals for further advice and/ or treatment.

Previous copies of results may be issued to customer, provided request is made in advance formally through a letter or mail. However, it should be noted that for confidentiality reason, the person should present in person to collect same, and accompanied by a proof of identity.

Usually specimen collected are discarded the next day. However, for certain specialized test, which need to be sent abroad or exceptional cases where sample collection is difficult and specimen might be needed later, those specimens are preserved for few more days.

Yes, our laboratories are approved by the Ministry of Health & Quality of Life.

We are specialized in performing batch sample collection and bleeding and our working hours for batch medical screening is also flexible and adaptable to our client’s demand. For instance, for more than 15 years we have been doing batch medical screening for corporates’ staff members and clients, where we are experienced in collecting over 300 sample a day or much more. Usually, we do not charge for any additional fee for batch medicals; not even displacement fee (Though, condition is applied for a minimum batch size.

All our laboratory and branches open as early as 6.30hrs. Closing hours for main laboratories is 17.00hrs but varies from localities. Please click here to view our individual laboratory’s opening/ closing hours.
We are open on Sundays and Public Holidays as early as 6.30hrs, however to the except of few branches. Please click here to consult our individual opening days for each laboratory and branches. Please do also note that all our laboratories opens year-round. In case of emergency, you can call at our nearest main laboratories.
Biosante Medical Laboratory is one of the most caliber professional in the domain with a dynamic pool of young MBA holder Managers with proven experience and competencies vis-à-vis academic and ISO standards. Actually, the company has General Manager, Quality Assurance Managers, Human Resource Manager, and Finance Manager, Administrative Manager and Business development / Marketing Manager. Please click here to view our management team profile.