We delightedly offer the following additional free of charge services to all our clients.


  • Advice and counselling on medical tests.
  • Access of results through your personal mail, Fax and/ or postal address.
  • Highly secured long term data storage (over 10 years), regulated by the Data Protection Act.
  • Easy yet secure access to your previous medical results. Upon presentation of your NIC or request from your registered mail, we will send you a previous copy of your results free of charge.

    Note: Proof of identity is Mandatory.
  • Easy interpretable results, as per doctors’ recommendation; where any abnormality in result is demarked.
  • Your specimen is processed by Biomedical Science degree holders with proven competency to ensure you the most reliable medical results.
  • 7/7 days open, with working hours as early as 6.30 hrs including Sundays and Public Holidays.
  • Home bleeding services, free for bed-ridden and disabled patients who cannot attend the Laboratory.